Fresnel pendant m sfeer purple


The Fresnel divides and scatters light through the hills and valleys of low-resolution 3D printing. As if ripples in water, the concentric design sees glittering bands pulsate outwards from a central, steel droplet.

Hot ribbons of recycled plastic build the lens slowly, layer by layer. Sourced from rooftop windows, safety glasses, and industrial chocolate moulds, this unlikely source material gifts durability and glasslike transparency to the Fresnel.

Kooij fresnel wall S recycled plastics
Fresnel Wall S
Kooij fresnel light wall 68cm recycled plastic
Fresnel Wall L
Fresnel Wall S | Ø36 cm | in stock

Fresnel Wall M | Ø52 cm | in stock

Fresnel Wall L | Ø68 cm | in stock

Fresnel S product beige3
Fresnel S
Kooij fresnel pendent lights suspended above table recycled plastic
Fresnel S | Ø36cm | in stock

Fresnel M | Ø52cm | in stock

Fresnel L | Ø68 cm | 4-6 weeks

Fresnel 2S | in stock

Fresnel SM | in stock

Fresnel 2M | in stock

The Fresnel is equipped for dimming with an external MAINS dimmer (TRIAC) and 0-10V. Due to its recycled nature, the plastic Fresnel shell may take on a subtle warm or grey tint.

Fresnels color difference