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Dirk van der Kooij, 2015
Recycled plastic, pigment, stainless steel fixtures
Ø600xH40cm | 18kg

The mushroom-esque proportions of the Ø60cm Meltingpot make for easy company. Easily nestled into an existing setting, the table is small enough to complement a space without dictating it. 60cm offers ample canvas for expressive patterning to play. Each Meltingpot is made by hand in our Zaandam-based workshop.

Please find below our available works, each identified by a unique table code. To secure a table and receive a quote, please email with your contact details and desired table code.
SL 710 TOP
SL 606
SL 711
SL 686
Kooij SL 681
SL 507 meltingpot table side large dirk van der kooij

507 | reserved | view more photos

SL 463 meltingpot table side large dirk van der kooij
SL 647
SL 462 meltingpot table dirk van der kooij
SL 522 meltingpot table side large
SL 249