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Dirk van der Kooij, 2023
Recycled plastic, brass fixtures, LED lighting

Tol, Dutch for spinning top, is so named for its deceptive stance in suspended motion. Available in 3 variations, the series of alternating totems sit comfortably—softly grounded in their obtuse proportions. The lamp responds readily to its environment: in a completely darkened space, the brass hearts fade to black, leaving behind only golden, levitating bands. As a secondary light, the brass twinkles alongside the plastic as if it, too, is a light source. And when completely switched off, the golden hue of the plastic is drawn out by the warm and familiar brass. This play between materials is not a new foray for the studio, though the Tol does see metal revered alongside plastic as an equal—a first for Dirk, so long the affectionate bastion of recycled plastic.

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1 | L48xW36xH37cm | in stock

3 | L48xW36xH107cm | in stock

4 | L48xW36xH145cm | in stock

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