Forget me not pickle dijon
Kooij chubby pickle
Dirk van der kooij chubby chair eraser 2023
Dirk van der Kooij first fell in love with low resolution 3D printing as a student, fulfilling his search for honest and functional ornamentation. The Chubby Chair remains his most playful child of this process, which finds its alien form through the limitations of a self-developed, plastic extruding robot.

Kooij chubby chairs
Kooij chubby chair bar forget me not
DVDK chubby 2023 fmn dijon
Each Chubby is printed from 10kg of chipped, recycled fridge interiors. Or, more poetically, one standard fridge. Designed in 2012, the Chubby maintains an affectionate position in the standard collection. It is held in the permanent collections of the Vitra Design Museum and The Design Museum in London.
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