Dirk van der kooij meltingpot round 80 1
Dirk van der Kooij, 2014
Recycled plastic, pigment, stainless steel fixtures

The Meltingpot table offers a third life to recycled plastic prototypes and colour tests from the Kooij studio. Daily, our in-house colourist composes a table from precious, fleeting resources. As such, each piece is a one-off interaction between intuition, material, and chance. Pressed from studio prototypes and colour tests, the tables are completely solid—with patterning enveloping the top, edges and underside of the table.

Every Meltingpot pattern is unique. It is only possible to determine color schemes for dining tables larger than 240cm in length.

Datasheets | High-res images | 3D files

Kooij meltingpot round 125cm
Dirk van der kooij meltingpot round 40
Dirk van der kooij side small table recycled plastics
Kooij meltingpot table dining ellipse 7p recycled plastics
Kooij meltingpot table recycled plastics double
Kooij meltingpot table coffee small recycled plastic